TRANSPOSE - TRANSfusion and transplantation: PrOtection and SElection of donors (Grant Agreement No. 738145) is a European Commission co-funded project, which will add to harmonising European donor selection and protection policies related to SoHO donations (Substances of Human Origin) whilst keeping adequate health & safety protection of the 5 millions patients in the EU who annually receive transfusions or transplantations of blood components, plasma-derived products, tissues & stem cells, germ cells for assisted reproductive technologies (ART) and organs The initiative will last 30 months (September 2017 - March 2020) and it involves 24 associated partners, including the project coordinator, and 12 collaborating partners representing 15 EU Member States and some European key organizations.

    The impact of TRANSPOSE will be threefold:
  • Outcomes are expected to be of help in the revising process of related EU Directives.
  • The set of guiding principles and Donor Selection & Protection Guidelines will facilitate EU member states to take a next step in implementing donor selection and protection policies in a consistent and clear-cut way to the benefit of both donors and recipients of SoHO.
  • A standard Donor Health Questionnaire with carefully guided local/regional/national adjustments will become available, which can be used widely and will consequently enable comparisons of the prevalence of certain risks and risky behaviours throughout Europe.