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Dear WP2, thank you for organizing this 3rd newsletter!

From us at WP1, we would like to report the following:

The main goals of WP1 is to monitor the objectives, milestones, deliverables, logistics and time-frame of the TRANSPOSE Project and to coordinate every aspect of it, keeping track of the advancement status of all other WPs and helping them to meet the deadlines.

WP1 recently organised a meeting in Amsterdam – held on April 3rd – focusing on WP 5, WP6 and commencing work on WP7. We went through each Risk Assessment carried out for Blood risks and reviewed the recommendations made in preparation for the creation of the Donor Selection and Protection Guidelines. Additionally, we evaluated and commented on the first draft of the DHQ prepared by WP6 and discussed how we wish to proceed with WP7 and the teaching of the Donor Selection & Protection Guidelines, Guiding Principles, and the DHQ.

In the last months, WP1 has been working very closely with WP5 in writing the General Principles as well as developing a survey which will be used to assess the current suitability criteria in order to propose a new DHQ with WP6. Additionally, WP1 has been helping WP7 with their preparations and will be focusing the coming month(s) on the Project Periodic Report.