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Ulrike Paulus

have attached with additional comments in the draft that Piia and Sharon used – but it is getting increasingly difficult to work with all the tracked comments…
My general thoughts:
q2.2 – too much in one question, i would worry people can’t take it all in and answer accurately; i also think it is sometimes better to ask about symptoms rather than diagnoses such as “neurological disease”, “vascular disease”; medical lay people might struggle with some of the terminology and find it easier to answer questions about symptoms. I think this is particularly relevant when interviewing potentially traumatised bereaved family members of deceased donors, not sure they can process a range of diagnoses all in one question
– think we need to ask about surgical history separately?
q2.4 – infection – need to know when; even a serious infection if resolved is likely to be acceptable
q2.14 – “infection of the genital (reproductive) system” – what exactly is being asked?
Kind regards,

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