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Christina Mikkelsen


In the end of June 2019, the WP5 submitted their D.5.2 report on donor eligibility criteria and the D.5.3 report on guiding principles for donor selection. The first included all the 74 risk assessments performed by the WP5 members. We are now working on completing our three papers, two describing current risks to donors and recipients and one presenting the results of the TRANSPOSE recommendations for donor selection.
The D.5.4 recommendations for donor selection is currently been reviewed and commented by both the TRANSPOSE Advisory Board as well as Collaboratory Stakeholders. We have also invited experts from other international organizations to comment, as well as members of the EDQM.
The recommendations will be finalized in August and September, where our members will discuss the comments and suggestions received. The final version will be submitted by the end of September 2019.