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Sabrina Sandner


At the end of June, we submitted the first validated draft of the standardized donor health questionnaire. To include potential donors in the validation, two different online studies were carried out in Germany and Austria and a total of 4,355 adults took part in the online survey. The first study is about the two main issues: Understanding the questions and the truthfulness of the answers. The second study deals with the version of the questionnaire (print vs. online), the arrangement of the questions (division by area vs. division by time) and with the question of the general state of health, i.e. “Are you feeling fit and well enough to donate” (at the beginning vs. at the end).
We are currently in the process of implementing the opinion of experts from other international organizations so that we can provide a wide range of feedback in the donor health questionnaire.
When the donor health questionnaire is finalized, it will be translated in the next step.