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The Coordinators of TRANSPOSE have been working on the Project Periodic Reporting for the TRANSPOSE as well as on other administrative and financial matters. We have additionally been preparing for the ISBT conference that took place in Basel in the end of June. TRANSPOSE was present at the conference with 3 presentations (Outcomes of the TRANSPOSE project, WP4 results, WP5 results) as well as a poster on the results of our risk assessments and recommendations.
In the coming months, WP1 will be focused on supporting WP5 with finishing their final deliverables as well as WP6 with their questionnaire. Additionally, together with WP5, we are working on creating a special edition of publications with Vox Sanguinis.

Since CNS and Sanquin took over the coordination of WP7, we have been working on organising the materials which have been created in the past 1,5 years of the TRANSPOSE project and defining what we will include in the training and workshop. A list of participants to the workshop has been created and will be refined in the coming months, and individuals will be contacted in the Autumn to be invited to the workshop taking place in Amsterdam March 2020.
A timeline has been established indicating the action points to be carried out the coming months, therefore priority will be placed on preparations for the online training and the workshop.

WP4 has completed its tasks in late 2018. The WP4 has drawn up an inventory
of all current practices in donor selection and protection and then gather knowledge
and expert opinions about benefits and pitfalls of specific practices.
In 2017-2018, the WP4 team completed the practices recollection on different substances
of human origins (SoHO’s): plasma, stem cells, blood, tissues and Assisted Reproductive
Technology (ART).
WP4 then created questionnaires for any SoHO’s sub-groups and sent them out
for feedback to a group of experts. This information has been put in a database and
thoroughly discussed along with WP5 and WP6 members in September 2018. They have
since completed writing their report of the inventory they put together.
This report has been refined and will soon be submitted as a scientific article with Vox Sanguinis. In addition, the results of this WP have been presented at the ISBT Conference in Basel, 22-26 June 2019.