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    Dear all,

    As discussed during the April 3 meeting, please provide your comments on the WP6 DHQ via this forum.

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    First time donors (blood):
    2.4 Have you had an uncomplicated infection? When/ever?

    Repeat donors (blood)
    1.2 Have you eaten and drunk today? (Donor education/empowerment)
    2.4 Have you had an uncomplicated infection since the last donation?
    3.2 Have you received cornea-, meninges- or other transplants since the last donation? Covered by 2.2
    3.3 Did you faint or feel sick after a donation or needle injection? Should be handeled as donor-education empowerment
    5.2 Have you had malaria since the last donation? Travelled in a malaria area?


    Morten Bagge/Denmark


    Piia Korkalainen

    Dear all, please find attached Johanna’s and Piia’s proposal to the DHQ (for general and blood).

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    Sheila McLennan

    Comments on first time donors – blood:
    2.2 – need to give time period (? ever) – fever and diarrhoea should not be in the same question as ever been hospitalised or had a serious illness
    2.4 – should be recent infection not uncomplicated
    2.14 – why is infection of the genital system specifically for plasma?
    3.1 – should ask this question for blood too
    3.3 and 3.4 – also for blood

    Best wishes,


    Sharon Zahra

    Hello have made comments in the document itself on the version uploaded by Piia earlier – hope this helps – happy to discuss

    best wishes

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    Ulrike Paulus

    have attached with additional comments in the draft that Piia and Sharon used – but it is getting increasingly difficult to work with all the tracked comments…
    My general thoughts:
    q2.2 – too much in one question, i would worry people can’t take it all in and answer accurately; i also think it is sometimes better to ask about symptoms rather than diagnoses such as “neurological disease”, “vascular disease”; medical lay people might struggle with some of the terminology and find it easier to answer questions about symptoms. I think this is particularly relevant when interviewing potentially traumatised bereaved family members of deceased donors, not sure they can process a range of diagnoses all in one question
    – think we need to ask about surgical history separately?
    q2.4 – infection – need to know when; even a serious infection if resolved is likely to be acceptable
    q2.14 – “infection of the genital (reproductive) system” – what exactly is being asked?
    Kind regards,

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    Birgit Wulff

    Dear all, thanks for this great work! From my point of view (tissue donors) post mortem tissue donors´risk behavoiuur can hardly be described by the next of kin or family doctor So the coordinator has always problems with the evaluation. Perhaps in this context we can discuss if such detailed questions make sense or even have a negative effect.
    best regards Birgit Wulff


    Maria Kvist

    I do not think it is important to ask if they have eaten. And today is a long day. Does it matter if they had breakfast and then nothing until donation at 19.00 in the evening?
    I think we should ask if they have drunk fluid before the donation and if they feel well enough to donate now. What happened earlier in the day is not that important.


    Maria Kvist

    Reply to Morten 5.2 malaria:
    2 questions in one does not work. We require yes/no answers.


    Donata Forioso

    Hello everybody! Here at the Italian National Blood Centre we added some other comments on the questionnaire.
    Thank you all for the good job!

    Donata, Eva and Simonetta

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