WP1 – Coordination



Key Team Members Marian van Kraaij
Gaia Mori

The main task of the Coordinator is to monitor the activities of all the partners involved in the project and to ensure that its outputs are timely produced. It will establish breakpoints at which to check and assess progress of all WPs, as well as to verify that both financial and technical responsibility of each partner is duly implemented, in accordance with the Grant Agreement (GA).

Ed Slot (2020)

Ed Slot

Ed Slot is a physician and spent his entire career in the transfusion and transplantation field, with a focused interest in donor selection policies, in evidence-based donor medicine and in infectious diseases​ that may be transmitted through substances of human origin. At present he serves as a secretary general of the Medical Affairs department of Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation in the Netherlands, reporting to the Sanquin Executive Board and to the Dutch Ministry of Health. He is also the secretary general of the Sanquin Medical Advisory Board and of the Sanquin Ethics Advisory Council. Since 2019, he is the Chair of the EDQM TS100 Working Group, preparing recommendations on sexual behaviours of blood donors that have an impact on transfusion safety.

Marian Van Kraaij (2017-19)


Marian van Kraaij, MD, PhD is registered as a consultant in Haematology and Transfusion Medicine. She specialized in thrombosis and haemostasis and participated in the Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre of the Radboud UMC (Nijmegen). In 2008 she started working at the Department of Transfusion Medicine of Sanquin Blood Bank. From 2013 she is Director of Medical Affairs at Sanquin Blood Bank, and from 2016 also of Donor Affairs, particularly focusing on Strategy, Innovation and Research. She advocates close collaboration between blood bank and hospitals to optimize both patient care and transfusion research as well as donor research.

Gaia Mori

Gaia Mori

Gaia works at Sanquin as the Programme Coordinator for the TRANSPOSE Project. Her role is to ensure the programme runs smoothly and on time as well as keeping regular contact with all consortium members. Gaia’s background is in programme management as well as in the international development and non-profit sector, where she has worked the last years as a freelance strategic consultant.